shibumi shade connect poles

Step 1

CONNECT pole segments to form one long pole and lay on sand perpendicular to wind direction. (Think tent poles; they're held together with a bungee.)

shibumi shade thread canopy.jpg

Step 2

**Important: Take extra care when sliding the canopy on to the poles to avoid accidental nicks and tears in the fabric!

THREAD the canopy onto the pole (gently) through the loop in the fabric. The fabric is extremely lightweight, and too much force from the pole end can cause the fabric to snag and create a small tear. In really windy conditions, threading on a little bit of fabric at a time is best.

shibumi shade bury poles.jpg

Step 3

**This step is important! Please follow these instructions carefully so as to not over-flex and break your poles!

PLACE each end of the pole securely in the sand at an angle (NOT straight up-and-down) and to a depth of about 6 inches. The ends of pole should be placed in the sand at least 15+ feet apart in order to maintain proper height of the canopy. The pole should form a long, gentle curve, and reach about 6.5 feet tall, and the opening of the canopy should face the wind, standing upright, or leaning just slightly forward in to the breeze.

shibumi shade sand anchor.jpg

Step 4

MAKE a sand anchor using the carry-bag. Turning the bag half-way or completely inside-out usually works great. The anchor cord can remain permanently tied; no need to adjust. Add several handfuls of sand and place the bag on a few steps away in front of the canopy so that the rope is taut and the arch leans forward just slightly.

shibumi shade straps.jpg

Step 5

WRAP each elastic strap around the pole 2-3 times, with the grippy, rubber side facing down, and snap the button to secure. These straps are only used to prevent the canopy from sliding side-to-side along the pole; the ripstop material slides easily against the aluminum poles.

shibumi shade packed up.jpg

Packing Up

When you’re done for the day, start by un-snapping the elastic straps, and slide the entire canopy to one side of the arch.

Empty out your sand/carry bag (shake it all out, the sand doesn’t stick to this fabric). Get your bag right-side out again so that the carrying strap is on the outside, and the sleeve for the poles is on the inside.

Remove the ends of the poles from the sand, and slide the canopy completely off the poles. You don’t need to fold your canopy to fit it back in the bag, just stuff the canopy back in to the bag a bit at a time, and try to brush off sand as you go.

Now it’s time to collapse the poles. Collapse one segment at a time, brushing off the sand as you go. With the canopy already stuffed in to the bag, gently insert the poles in to the special inner-sleeve designed for the poles inside of the carry-bag.

Please also be sure to check out our FAQ page for Care Instructions and other Shibumi Shade tips!